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KCS 3rd Subdivision

A joint project of Steve Davis, Tom Vanden Bosch, and the Tuesday Night Gandy Dancers.

Crew Positions on the KCS 3rd Sub.

Dispatcher. Oversee/control all train movements over the 3rd sub, ,line routes and signals using CTC system, terminate trains upon completion, call crews as needed, coordinate w/ 2nd sub (north end) and 4th sub (south end) dispatchers, train Dispatcher Trainee (if present) in proper dispatching procedures.

Dispatcher Trainee: Learn 3rd sub dispatching systems and procedures from a qualified dispatcher. Handle dispatching duties under supervision of qualified dispatcher. After successful completion, Trainees are qualified as Dispatchers on the 3rd sub.

Heavener Yardmaster. Oversee all operations in the main yard on the 3rd sub, communicate with the dispatcher and other train crews, perform hostling and local switching duties as required.

Heavener Trim. Make up outbound trains, assemble cuts for trains w/ pickups at Heavener. (This is the easiest yard position on the 3rd Sub).

Heavener Drill. Classify inbound cars, break down terminating trains, run Heavener local switch job (The more difficult position in Heavener).

Sallisaw Yardmaster. This is a conductor/engineer/yardmaster combination job in the small mid-point yard in Sallisaw. Lots of traffic with MP Interchange, KCS through trains, a local to assemble and breakdown, and a KCS local turn. This is a good switching challenge and somewhat intense/busy job. You have a #2 to help out.

Sallisaw Local/2nd. Switch local Sallisaw industries, assist Sallisaw Yardmaster as needed. This is a great position for someone who wants to learn Sallisaw.

Quarry Job. Work the St. Clair Lime Company Quarry, interchange with 3 KCS trains at Marble City. Mostly dark/unsignalled territory. Fairly easy.

Waldron Dodger. Wait about 30 minutes for Yard crew to build train, mark up at Heavener to head southeast down the Waldron Branch, switch Waldron (unsignalled "dark" territory) and return. If job finishes early, run through trains until end of shift. Medium difficulty.


The jobs below all involve running some mainline trains over the 3rd sub, plus a switch job.  

Westville Dodger. Start by running one through train over the 3rd sub, then report to Sallisaw to pick up this local turn (Sallisaw to Westville and back).

Ft. Smith Dodger. Report to Ft. Smith and do switching there (on branch), work Poteau, then block swap at Heavener and return to Ft. Smith to complete work.

Sallisaw Dodger. After running through trains over the 3rd sub, mark up at Heavener, head north to switch Poteau, Spiro and Sallisaw and return (turn at Sallisaw).

Super Dogs. Run a through train over the 3rd sub, then run southbound road switcher #77 to Heavener, pick up northbound #78 road switcher, and run to Watts. Both 77 & 78 work Westville, Marble City and Sallisaw.

The above Pool Jobs may run as 1 or 2-man crews depending on the number of operators signed up for a given session. The Westville Dodger and Super Dog require communication with the dispatcher AND switching so conductor positions are generally added to those jobs first.