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KCS 3rd Subdivision

A joint project of Steve Davis, Tom Vanden Bosch, and the Tuesday Night Gandy Dancers.

This layout was created by many contributors. Some are named below, however many more members of the "Tuesday Night Gandy Dancers" put their work and touches into this.

  • Steve Davis: Track plan and overall design, operations schema, CTC system, DCC and all electronics and signaling.
  • Tom Vanden Bosch (NMRA national award winning modeler): Most buildings, bridges, rolling stock, prototype research and guidance.
  • Carey Stevens and Kevin Mclarty: Buildings and structures.
  • Mendy Davis, Erica Holeman, Marian Vanden Bosch: Painting, Backdrops, Scenery
  • Carl Schorfheide: Benchwork design, engineering and majority of carpentry.
  • Johnny B: Signal installation assistance.
  • Marc Montray: Trackwork standards and tuning.
  • Jay Hastings: Trackwork and roadbed.
  • Norm Beveridge: Design and operations guidance and consultation.
  • Bob McNabb (former dispatcher, BNSF): Chief Dispatcher, dispatching and signaling system consultant.
  • Frank W. Bryan: Information on train consists, work and schedules for the period modeled, detailed prototype track diagrams, support and inspiration.
  • Dave Salamon and the Tuesday Night Gandy Dancers: support, construction, tracklaying, scenery, benchwork, lighting and more - without these great folks this RR would not exist - at least not yet!
  • Gene Brooks: Rolling stock standards, tuning, repair.
  • Bob Clark: Decoder Installation for many of the locomotives.

SB train heading into siding at Stillwell (note red over yellow "Diverging Approach" signal).