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KCS 3rd Subdivision

A joint project of Steve Davis, Tom Vanden Bosch, and the Tuesday Night Gandy Dancers.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This site has been moved to a new host, and the FORUM feature is no longer available.  Instead, we will be using an application called "Sign Up Genius" to select positions for operating sessions.  If you are already a member of our site, there is no need to do anything: you will receive an emailed invite for the monthly sessions IF there are slots open, and a link to go to to pick your desired job.

If you are not a member, or aren't sure, click here for our sign-up page.

More Pictures

Thanks to JMRI's WiThrottle, you can now use your iPhone or Android to run trains on the KCS 3rd.

View Operator Briefing Video

Using the RFID Readers on the KCS 3rd Sub

Video of Latest Operating Session

For more videos please see our Videos page.

YouTube Channel

Operating on the KCS 3rd Sub:

The KCS 3rd is an operating model RR. We generally operate at 1 pm on the 4th Saturday of every month (check our calendar to confirm). To sign up for an operating session, please join our site and sign up on our forum.

The Prototype:

The KCS 3rd Subdivision ran between Heavener, Oklahoma and Watts, OK. Today this is part of the Heavener Subdivision, which runs from Heavener, OK to Pittsburg, KS.

Scale: HO

Control System: DCC, Digitrax duplex wireless

Car routing: Switchlists generated by freeware JMRI Ops

Dispatching: CTC using freeware CATS

Communications: FRS radios for road crews, telephones for yards.

Time Period Modelled: Late spring, 1982.

Ideal number of operators/crew positions: 12 (including yardmaster and dispatcher)